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Re: [MiNT] My remarks (2)

> This is exactly what I expected; I am pointing out a practical
> situation
> to ILLUSTRATE why it's ergonomically wrong to put a command key in the
> typing area. I am not asking for your help to solve it,

Well, I didn't know. Most people write here to ask help, you know.

> Pity your posts lately (not only this one) always have to be in such
> an arrogant tone, I used to know you differently.

I apparently have become arrogant, then. I would only like to point out,
that at least equally arrogant is to call something *utterly stupid*, that
apparently has been proved to be a matter of taste.

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz, http://draco.atari.org

** Ea natura multitudinis est,
** aut seruit humiliter, aut superbe dominatur.
** Taka to juz natura pospólstwa, albo sluzalczo sie plaszczy,
** albo bezczelnie sie panoszy. (Liwiusz XXIV, 25).