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Re: [MiNT] 1.16.0 still, still no go

on 8/14/04 1:06 PM, Jim DeClercq wrote:

> I do believe that 1.16.0 runs on a TT. Maybe it's my monitor, a
> TTM195. What do I do to get 1.16.0 to run on this TT? I have
> jumped through all the proper hoops, and changed nothing.

I have run mint 1.16.x for some time on my TT, have run it from st high,
booted from a syquest, the internal drive, even once from a pcmcia card
hanging off the scsi bus.  It should not be that hard to get it up and
going.  Could be you got a bad serial chip for one thing, and I would
pop any svga on there and find out if color makes a difference.
I have even run 2 monitors, one off the vga and one off the crazydots and
had vcon on one, gem on the other.   The only time I ever had a problem was
with kgmd years ago, which would not install from the desktop, but did from
the auto folder with a boot floppy.

Lonny Pursell