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[MiNT] Mintlib

Hey guys,

Lately I've been experimenting with getting GIM running under other OS's
than MiNT.  It seems the most recent standalone mintlib that could
compile under other compilers like purec is 048.  I got this compiled
and I tried to start subtituting libraries and crt0, and gcrt0 but I
have hit another snag.  Missing functions.  Certain things that libfaim
needs like snprintf aren't present.  I could try to backport those
functions into the standalone mintlib but I decided instead to go
another route.

Is there documentation anywhere of what functions in mintlib explicitly
depend on the kernel now when they didn't always before?  Are we
modeling a linux approach by building some of this stuff into the kernel
or?  I'm unsure of the motivation for this, except perhaps this a way
around our static only problem.  Basically is it still possible to port
unix apps to MagiC/Magxnet or am I simply barking up the wrong tree?
It'd be awfully nice of the magxnet code was released with sourcecode
and methodology but I guess that was too much to ask.

Mark Duckworth <mduckworth@atari-source.com>

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