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Re: [MiNT] N.aes in English?

Yes, as a one word answer. One is an English rsc file, and the other is a German rsc file. When I ran the N.aes install program, it selected the English one for me, or at least I had to do nothing to get English menus. I suspect, but am unable to check right now, that the default is n_aessy.rs0, and that is English.

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On Thu, 4 Nov 2004, Ronald J. Hall wrote:

I was just wondering - is it possible to get English menus and dialog boxes in N.aes?

I downloaded Jo Even Skarsteins N.aes stuff, but it says its for v2.0 and apparently I've got 2.02 - can you use it anyways? Some of the files seem to have changed. Jo has n_chres.rsc and nclosure.rsc which I can find in /apps, but there is no n_aessys.rsc file that I can find. Rather its 2 files, n_aessys.rs0 and n_aessys.rs1...



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