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Re: [MiNT] CDRW questions (cont)

Yes. Search the archive. Somebody got it right, and with 1.16.0, which for me told me I had set Extendos to the wrong memory type, when I had not. The correct answer seems to be in the archives, and I too will someday read it. I have killed the last drive that has a bus power jumper, and need to make other arrangements before I run MiNT again.

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On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, Ronald J. Hall wrote:

Well, I tried renaming my CD icon to I, which would be the next in the chain here, with H being my MINT partition. (yes, I reran extendos to set everything up for I).

Didn't help.

I edited extendos.cnf and changed "DOS" to "XFS".

Didn't help.

In fact that made things worse. With XFS there, the CDROM icon can not even be double-clicked on.

So what I've got is, it works fine in TOS, it works fine under the Thing desktop under TOS, it won't work under MINT. Is there something else supposed to be set under Thing for this to work? Previously, with KEMD/Thing and my old Falcon, the CDRW was found automatically with no special effort on my part. What changed?

Anyone have any other pointers or suggestions?



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