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Re: [MiNT] Ammount of file descriptors per process


2. Opening files using library call open(), the maximum ammount of files it tries to open is taken from RLIMIT_NOFILE library constant.

This is not a constant, this is a dynamic per process resource limit. And this number don't represent the number of descriptors a process can open:


    This is a number one greater than the maximum value that the system
    may assign to a newly-created descriptor. If this limit is exceeded,
    functions that allocate new file descriptors may fail with errno set
    to [EMFILE]. This limit constrains the number of file descriptors
    that a process may allocate.

3. Opening (creating) files using system call Fcreate(), the maximum ammount of files it tries to open is taken from Sysconf(SYS_MAXFILES) system call.

 * Sysconf(which): returns information about system configuration.
 *       2      max. number of open files per process   {OPEN_MAX}

Ad 3. Sysconf(SYS_MAXFILES) returns 32. Test fails after opening 26 files.

This is not the number of files you can open, this is the maximum number of files a process can have open. Under Unix every process have at least 3 open file descriptors at start (stdin, stdout, stderr). Under FreeMiNT it's more due to TOS emulation.


At the beginning _process_that_does_nothing_ has 9 file descriptors opened (according to /kerm/*/fd). If 32 is a maximum ammount of file descriptors per process, then 26 + 9 = 35, so there is something wrong here.

On the other hand FOPEN_MAX is wrong, and can lead to hard to trace errors in ported software.

Or, if I'm wrong please correct me.

Except the FOPEN_MAX constant I don't see any problem or violation of the standards.


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