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[MiNT] N.Aes 2.0 Bug?

Hello guys,

I have a rather unique issue I've exposed in N.Aes and/or Toswin2.  Most
likely this bug is an N.aes bug.  This is not something most people
would notice...  

Basically, anything connected to the AES seems to stop after a long
period of time.  Say 24 hours.  Unless someone moves the mouse all of
these applications cease to respond.  Originally I thought this was an
Octopus BBS bug until I started doing some tests.  Now Octopus is
running without an AES and it is working perfectly and staying
operational.  I also proved it to do it with other applications.  I had
a ping session running pinging a host.  I noticed it simply stopped.  I
moved the mouse and it started pinging again.

This behavior is disturbing to me and I'd like it to stop if at all
possible.  Anybody have any ideas?  It doesn't seem to be related to
anything I have running (no screen savers or anything).

Mark Duckworth <mduckworth@atari-source.com>

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