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[MiNT] wind_xget()

 Hello everybody and Arnaud,

 Just discovered that wind_xget as MyAES and up to now XaAES implements
it breaks applications NEWSwatch and POPwatch. Therefore XaAES will have
this implementation removed, and WF_FIRSTAREAXYWH mode is implemented
instead. I do not know (nor do I think it possible) to avoid these
compatibility issues, as it seems trash from previous AES calls reside
in intin[2-4] and control[N_INTIN] is set to 6.

 I hope MyAES will follow XaAES here, since I dont think too many apps
currently use this wind_xget as of yet. I have not yet decided which
numeric value to give to WF_FIRSTAREAXYWH, or if that will be the name
of the mode at all ... opinions? What I HAVE done is removed the
MyAES'ish implementation ... breaks AES compatibility!!


 Odd Skancke