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Re: [MiNT] zmodem stuff...

> Well, I've been playing around. :-)
> Using "ztelnet" under Mandriva Linux, I can upload and download files to my
> BBS.
> It goes like this:
> ztelnet (go through the login process and pick a file to D/L)
> BBS software sends the file via zmodem
> Type <control>] and you're at the ztelnet prompt
> Type "rz -v" and the file starts downloading
> When its complete, hit <enter> to return to the BBS.
> Use "sz" for uploading.

I think standard telnet will do that.  It should be available with MiNT.

> A friend of mine says hyperterminal under Windows XP lets him U/L and
> D/L from
> the BBS.

This would be another option - take a standard Atari communication app
that you
like and add telnet support for it.   You may even be able to write a small
wrapper that redirects the current serial port to a pipe that feeds into
telnet.  At that point, most any terminal program will work fine.   MiNT has
the capability to redirect just about any port to another device or PIPE.  In
some respects, its more flexible than linux.

> In the meantime, ztelnet seems to be a very small package, could someone
> compile it from source under MINT?

Where can I grab the source?  I can throw it into the cross compiler I have on
my other box.   What CPU do you want it optimized for?

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A BBS running on a cable modem?  Upstream bandwith wouldn't be very good for
that - and I may know someone that can have it hosted.   I'm not able to
connect to that IP myself.   Do you know what software is being used?