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[MiNT] List Admin - RFC 2369

Who's the list administrator?

Can we turn on RFC2369 headers in Ecartis? Its just a few entries in the configuration. See http://www.ecartis.org/variables.html

This would allow for a "Reply to List" button to be functional as many mail readers now support. If your mail reader doesn't support this option, adding it is simple for the application's author to implement. This option does not mangle any existing headers or change any of the standard "Reply" options ... it just adds a few useful headers so that mail readers know its a list and what the mailing address of the list is. This would certainly make things easier for some people and could potentially reduce the amount of "duplicate mail" people see since a "Reply to All" or "Reply to Group" doesn't have to be the only alternatives to a private reply. Additionally, where to subscribe and unsubscribe and where the list is archived are also in the headers to make those options available to mail client software as well.

Thank you,
Evan Langlois