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Re: [MiNT] Re[2]: Calling gemdos function from Interruption

Ingo Schmidt wrote:


The only way I ever found to do this was to use two processes/threads.

You are right, except...

It is not safe to call any AES functions from a signal handler.

... that it IS safe in XaAES!
It does not work in other AES (at least I wouldn't know).

But in XaAES it works perfectly fine to send an AES message from
within a signal handler.
It work fine too in MyAeS ;-) (but I not think to this when I write it! I thought for other AES it was the same but when I think to what you said, I suppose it's possible that NAES dislike this, but I'm near sure it work on Magic)

I use this a lot in one of my programs and it works perfectly fine. On
other systems (e.g. n.AES) I have to start another process, that does
what you described (waiting in a GEMDOS call and sending AES messages)

I added the PsigIntr call to MiNT specifically to allow a user program
to direct hardware interrupts to a user's signal handler.

Ah, that was you! Nice function.