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The mgw builds ok with the most up-to-date mintlib. You would need
to update or request a new release if there is a time for that.

Your patch would not work with older kernels IIRC as they checked
the permissions to be 0. I have removed this requirement from the
kernel implementation so that it doesn't care any more some time
ago in CVS.

Best Regards


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> Hello guys,
> I don't even know if anyone uses MGW anymore (I have huge 
> doubts), but even if they do, this update takes out some 
> parts of the bsd sockets implementation that mgw used that 
> appears to be deprecated.  The parts removed do not appear to 
> be used anywhere and now mgw compiles and runs again.  If 
> anyone uses mgw and can test, please do so.
> Thanks,
> Mark Duckworth