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[MiNT] strange memory violation


I've got some strange memory violation messages. Try to compile attached files and run under MP, best in XaAES+Teradesk (here I noticed that behaviour most often).

I did several tests with really strange results:

executed from XaAES+Teradesk:
memory violaton, type: private, PC: 1a9a2be, Addr: 1a9a2be, desktop killed (yeah, teradesk)

after this, Toswin was still active (just desktop.prg was killed, so I've tried it from this)
memory violation, type: private, PC: 1112c3c, Addr: 1a9a2be, test killed

after restart, I've tried it from gdb:
memory violation, type: private, PC: 1c922be, Addr: 1c922be, gdb(!) killed
memory violation, type: free, PC: 1112c3c, Addr: 18da2be, test killed (yeah, two memory violations at once)

Could me someone tell, what I'm doing wrong? Except XBRA I can't imagine cleaner way how to set/unset some vector. Another interesting thing, under console it seems this problem doesn't appear... I don't want to say it's bug in MiNT since there's big probability (as always) the bug is in my code, but I have no idea where...

If you can, please help :)


MiKRO         Atari XE/XL/Mega STE/Falcon060          http://mikro.atari.org

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