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Re: [MiNT] last mint kernel and xaaes

tor, 01,.12.2005 kl. 12.58 +0100, skrev Odd Skancke:
> tor, 01,.12.2005 kl. 10.35 +0100, skrev Miro Kropacek:
> > > did you try a "make distclean"? It seems "make clean" isnt enough
> > >sometimes.
> > >
> > >  
> > >
> > believe me, here isn't the bug - by coincidence I had to re-download all 
> > files from cvs so that build was everything from scratch.
>  Hmm.. I cannot reproduce that problem here, neither on the Milan040 or

 Now, this is me feeding you lies. I did reproduce the problem on the
ct63, and I have it fixed now. Try to update and recompile kernel now,
no 'clean' or 'distclean' necessary between this and previous cvs

> the CT63. Could you list the xdd/xfs's you use? And also what you have
> in your autofolder?

 Forget this now, unless the fix I did doesnt work :)

 Best Regards,
Odd Skancke