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Re: [MiNT] NVRAM free bytes?


I like the idea of having the mint.ini passed from a command
line though. So we could perhaps do similar thing that is done for
Linux and let the mint.prg parse the command line arguments and
in that case do not ask for mint.ini at all. That makes sense to me.

And yes, with the command-line args parsing kernel the loader
you are speaking about could be created and used as the
bootstrapped executable instead (it would use Pexec() to load
and pass the configured arguments to the kernel). However this
loader would need to have some storage space in order to
remember the settings.. NVRAM? ;)

Best Regards


> > So if the NVM.reserved[4] is not known used by anything useful
> > I would propose to use that space for the mint.ini stuff.
> > 
> > Is there anything that prevent us from doing this?
> Wouldn't it be better to pass parameters to the kernel on the command
> line, like Linux kernel does?
> Also I think it would be nice to make a kernel loader to put in auto
> folder, where you can select the kernel to load, instead of having the
> kernel parse the extra mint.ini file. So you could easily 
> switch between
> different kernel versions.
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> Patrice Mandin
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