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Re: [MiNT] tos.hyp 4.94

Hi Gerhard!

Could you expose also bare non-zipped .hyp file so that we
could use it for online viewing (I use
http://phoenix.inf.upol.cz/~opichals/libhyp/ )? Perhaps
directly on the sparemint.atariforge.net somewhere? I use
TOS.HYP a lot, but I would like to have a stable URL which
would always have the newest .hyp file.



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> Subject: [MiNT] tos.hyp 4.94
> Hello,
> I make a new version (for ST-Guide/Hypview) from the 
> hypertext tos.hyp. At the
> moment you can download it from
> <http://home.ewr-online.de/~gstoll/bin/tos_494_hyp_de.zip>
> <http://home.ewr-online.de/~gstoll/bin/tos_494_hyp_en.zip>
> I wrote a mail to Martin Byttebier, so I think you can 
> download in some day
> from <ftp://chapelie.rma.ac.be/atari/docs/tos_hyp/>
> The change can you find here:
> <http://sparemint.atariforge.net/cvs/ChangeLog.tos-hyp>
> The englisch version is always not compete translate.
> Gerhard

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