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Re: [MiNT] tos.hyp 4.94


I just think it would be nice to have public URL for the .hyp file
directly. Feel free to place it anywhere you could and be willing

Regarding the updates... tos.hyp does not update every week so
letting the machine to spend 15min to upload should be that a big
deal once in 3 months or so.

I prefer English (if there is no information loss incurred). I can
read 'Deutsch' somehow as well. :)

> > http://toshyp.atari.org ?
> If it possible, why not.

Just sign up on atari.org and provide the actual URL for that to
point to. It's easy.

Best Regards


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> Subject: [MiNT] tos.hyp 4.94
> > Could you expose also bare non-zipped .hyp file so that we 
> could use it
> > for online viewing
> I can do this. But I think this will not fequently update, 
> like the zip.
> Because ist takes about 15 min to upload the file.
> What do you prefer german or english version?
> Gerhard

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