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Re: [MiNT] Long filename problem


With the 'Use Rock Ridge info' and 'Use Joliet filenames' set to No
via the Extendos Install app the same file has an 8.3 filename
(Roger's idea).

I could now copy this file fron the Thing desktop. It was too long to
display, before.

However, from bash I see this:

bash-2.05a# pwd
bash-2.05a# cp 09_I_VES.MP3 /r/test.mp3
cp: reading `09_I_VES.MP3': Read fault
cp: closing `09_I_VES.MP3': Read fault

I can't see why bash can't copy it if Thing can.


PS Posted this to the Mintlost as it seems to be bash/cp rather
than Extendos that has the problem