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Re: [MiNT] Printing

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006 22:05:00 , Ekkehard_Flessa@wun.maus.de (Ekkehard Flessa) wrote:
> Hi Peter!
> PS>I'd also like to be able to use card readers, digital cameras,
> PS>webcams, scanners and printers.
> While we are at it: I'd like to hook up my new smartphone to my Milan als
> o.
> It's a Motorola A780, which has got an USB port only for local communicat
> ion.
> The Milan has got free PCI slots, so I could add some USB card easily. Bu
> t
> drivers seem to be not (yet) available :-(
> For this device, I would need mass media support (SCSIDRV mapping, perhap
> s?)
> and serial emulation (some modified HSMODEM?) in order to use the phone a
> s
> modem.
> Drivers from Linux or BSD should be easily portable, but not for me, as I
>  don't
> know C at all. Well, apart from "./configure" and "make install" on the c
> onsole
> O;-)
> mit freundlichem Gruß aus Bubenreuth
> Ekkehard

I am not after anything so specific I was just giving a few examples
of the sort of things that we could do with USB. It doesn't need to
be limited to just mouse/keyboard/dongle.

I have a Milan too so the prospect of USB has always been tantalisingly
near. Let's give our machines a boost.