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Re: [MiNT] NVRAM free bytes?

Hi Gerhard!

We wanted to use that as an equivalent for the mint.ini stuff
in case you can boot directly the FreeMiNT kernel and don't have
access to any other external storage at that point (which is
now possible since EmuTOS can now bootstrap the FreeMiNT kernel
which has the hostfs.xfs built-in and so it can boot directly
from the host OS filesystem with no HDD image file needed).

So if the NVM.reserved[4] is not known used by anything useful
I would propose to use that space for the mint.ini stuff.

Is there anything that prevent us from doing this?


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> Subject: [MiNT] NVRAM free bytes?
> > Some are used for RTC but definitely not 47 (64-17) bytes,
> Is correct, the RTC have 64 Bytes. The RTC use Byte 0 (0x00) 
> to 13 (0x0D).
> > some other free section outside of the NVM struct, am I right?
> Yes.
> For what do you need this?
> Gerhard

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