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[MiNT] Sparemint Stuff

Hey guys,

Lots of stuff last couple days.  The sparemint site is coming along and
the new package upload process is done.  I implemented a small news
section.  Also finished is the build farm code (shell script) and server
script interaction.  The last thing I have to finish up is the binary
package processing after the build farm server uploads them.  It
shouldn't take me more than half an hour tomorrow morning.  Also have to
do yet package<->user association for assigning maintainers to packages
and orphaning packages.

Also need to setup emailing for buildfarm builds and other stuff, still
not done.

Security issues to address ( i took the easy way out for some things and
now have to go back and seal up the code).

In the end it'll be neat.  The system will send out emails to
maintainers at predefined times reminding them to check out new versions
of the packages they maintain and decide whether or not to build them.
I mean the possibilities of this systme are endless, that is once I
finish the basic implementation ;)

Also need to do user prefs screens.

Rob needs to update DNS and hasn't yet so if you want to play, add the
following to your host file: dev.sparemint.org

then visit http://dev.sparemint.org.  Enjoy.