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[MiNT] PCTOS 0.6.0

Hallo zusammen,

*Program Name:*   PCTOS

*Version:*        0.6.0

*Date:*           13.12.2005

*Type:*           Programming Tool

*Status:*         Freeware (incl. Source)

*Preis:*          -/- EUR

*Author:*         Martin Elsässer

*Short description:*

PCTOS 0.6.0ß (13.12.2005)                          von Martin Elsässer @ LL
Pure-C-Binding for BIOS-, XBIOS- und GEMDOS-Funktions. All Funktions, for which
I have Doku, are implemented, source is available! Compatible to the original
bindig of Pure-C! New: Cookie-Structs for MagiCMac, MagiCMacX
Correct: Pvfork, Tsetitimer, Dsetkey, Tadjtime, Super

*Software:*       Pure-C

- some Corrections (look at the History)
- Cookie-Structs MagiCMac, MagiCMacX

- Binding for all Funktions in BIOS, XBIOS, GEMDOS, PAMsNet
  und MiNTNet, for which I have Doku available
- Compatibel to the original Pure-C library PCTOSLIB.LIB

*Known Bugs:*
I don't know any Bugs at the moment! Please report bugs, so I can fix them!

MAUS Schondorf/Landsberg                 ++49-8192-9969999
(im GPT M.C.A.Programmieren)

PCTOS060.LZH     84405 Bytes 2005-12-13 22:37:42 Uhr
PCTOS060.ASC       515 Bytes 2005-12-13 22:38:12 Uhr


     Martin    [PGP-Key available]