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[MiNT] GemGS and Fvdi


Did anyone try GemGS with Aranym ? I did.
It works much faster than on my Falcon, but there seems to be a problem with Fvdi. The example files from the Ghostscript/GemGS distribution illustrate this. For example:
"alphabet.ps" only shows an empty window.
"colorcir.ps" is displayed with totally wrong colors.

I don't know if this is a GemGS or Fvdi bug.

I tried to recompile GemGS with newer mintlib/gemlib/cflib from the still available sources some time ago, but bumped into a problem with newer cflib. I didn't know enough about C-programming and cflib, so I gave up.

I would like to see a new GemGS version, updated with the latest libs and a ghostscript version that is synchronized with the SpareMiNT version. So that I can have a SpareMiNT ghostscript, and a GEM version, without having to install the ghostscript fonts and libraries twice. Maybe the GemGS sources deserve a place in SpareMiNT CVS, so that anyone can pick it up and work on it ?


Martin Tarenskeen