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[MiNT] Missing/incorrect files in gemlib 0.43.6 source?

I downloaded the ZIP of the latest gemlib source from arnaud's site.  I noticed 
that the pc.mak (also sox.mak etc) file was missing, so I went to the CVS and 
got it.  It includes files.mak (also not in the source zip), so I got that from 
the CVS too.

I found the following problems in files.mak:

1) OBJS includes doxydoc.o, although doxydoc.c is not provided.  I downloaded 
that from the CVS, and see that it's just comments for Doxygen.  So I assume 
that doxydoc.o should *not* be included in OBJS.

2) The object files corresponding to these source files:
are *not* included in OBJS in files.mak, although the files are present in the 
directory, and the corresponding functions are listed in mt_gem.h.  So I assume 
that the corresponding object files *should* be included in files.mak.

Just in case anyone else was thinking of rebuilding the library ...

Roger Burrows
Roger Burrows, 5737 Belmeade Road, Osgoode, Ont. K0A 2W0 
Phone: (613) 826-0146          Email: anodyne@cyberus.ca