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[MiNT] Strange popup bug


Today, I was encountering a strange problem under Aranym 0.9.3beta/ MacOSX with HypView, XaAES and MiNT (including mintlib, gemlib) from CVS, all compiled using GCC 2.95.3 cross-compiler. The problem appears when HypView is running on XaAES under the mintara.prg (=Aranym kernel freshly compiled from CVS) tries to display a popup using form_popup(): Clicking on an element always returns -1. This means: no entry selected, which is clearly wrong!

Using the same configuration (=everything from CVS) but running on my Falcon CT60: the popups work correctly. But the configuration is not entirely identical: I'm using the 040 kernel! After having copied the 040 kernel (compiled under MiNT using GCC 2.95.3) into my Aranym setup, the popups start working. So I've tried to use the 040 kernel (compiled under MacOSX using my cross-compiler): everything is OK. Popups are working.
Going back to the Aranym kernel "mint_ara.prg": popups don't work.
Trying out more kernels: The debugging kernel "mint_deb.prg" makes the popup problem appear!

What do the Aranym kernel and the debugging kernel have in common? The "-DDEBUG_INFO -DM68040" compilation flags set in KERNELDEFS. As the 040 kernel is working correctly and also uses the "-DM68040" flag, I suppose that the problems are caused by the DEBUG_INFO compilation flag. So I compiled an Aranym kernel without the DEBUG_INFO flag... and the resulting kernel did not have the popup bug!!!

My conclusion: There has to be a bug in the kernel when DEBUG_INFO is activated. This bug seems to mess around with return values for the form_popup() or even other methods (as the mint kernel doesn't "know" of AES).

Can anyone reproduce this problem or has anybody a possible explanation?