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Re: [MiNT] wind_set(WF_TOPMOST) extension

Quoting arnaud.bercegeay@free.fr:

> Selon "olivier.landemarre@utbm.fr" <Olivier.Landemarre@utbm.fr>:
> > In fact this function can be usefull for application.
> > One is simply for add a long value link to window, there is no interact
> with
> > aes, this is for user only, for example to put pointer link to window.
> > Second is to have a child window (only one at this time), when link a
> window
> > to
> > an other window, if mother window is close, link window is close, and if
> this
> > have itself a link window of course it close etc.
> I'll add this in gemlib doc asap, at least to tell the world that 230 and 231
> values are already used/reserved by someone (MyAES).
> I think a bit in appl_getinfo() is usefull to complete the feature for
> applications, because applications should perform some different things
> depending on the availability of the feature.

I wait for proposition for this, my point of view is appl_getinfo() is not
definitively the best place to answer extension of wind_set() wind_get()
because if we start to add new feature like this each time we add something we
shoud add a flag this is not universal and quite complicated.

> Best regards,
> Arnaud.