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[MiNT] Sparemint Site

Hey guys,

I know I've been totally MIA for a long time, but I intend to finally
finish up the sparemint site.  One of the things about finishing is to
make it run semi-autonomously.  The build farm works fine and will work
much better once I have a dedicated host setup to perform package
builds.  The scripts work fine and that's the most important thing.  The
sparemint site PHP scripts are done except for a few minor details which
I can finish in a night.

The problem I've really come across is that there's nobody available to
approve packages.  And so I ask what approval process should there be if

Should there be super uploaders that merge test packages into mainline,
and every other approved user can just upload to test?  This is kind of
the current system.  Everyone can upload to frank, he makes the call.
This way would be everyone can make an account, most everyone gets
approve, few would approve packages.  This would be an actual job and
the approver would get emails with the package info.  

The other idea is to trust our users and make it truly community.  As
long as someone knows you, and you don't break things, you can upload
fixes to anything.  Personally I don't like this idea because newbies
could thrash things, but it's completely maintenance free.

Let me know, because I want to wrap this up and go live.  I'm tired of
looking at it ;)


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