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Re: [MiNT] AES features


>Already XaAES and MyAES have already feature for alway's topwindows and it work
>fine in this two aes, you can use it for your own need, and this can be an
>independant extension from the aes because I think this is not a systeme

Yes, I know there is such feature, but I was thinking about something different.
Most of the time only part of menubar is used by menu of the top application I want ability to use rest of it for my applications.
I can use topwindow for most of things I would like to place on menubar, but using menubar doesn't take any space for regular windows just part of usually empty menubar space.

I can use approach of many dirty applications drawing its data across menubar directly, but I think extending current menu implementation and introducing new api calls for this is better way.