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Re: [MiNT] Anything happening

Lonny Pursell píše v St 30. 08. 2006 v 18:08 -0400:
> > sounds cool. I am wondering how to properly switch the various language
> > preprocessors - perhaps based on active locale? that would be cool :-)
> I think that would be possible, although someone would have to figure out
> the proper phonemes for the various languages.  I did not create the text to
> speech routine, only have adapted it to a XDD.  Currently it only knows
> English.

Well as we both know there are four steps in the text-to-speech routine.
And first step "preprocess" the English to some easier-to-speak
language. And IMHO this first step should be configurable - either
simple skip or better yet - let the caller provide its own translation
table? - if it is to be usable for non-English as well. IIRC the
original routine allows for skipping the first step?