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Re: [MiNT] Anything happening

on 8/30/06 2:03 PM, Peter Slegg wrote:

> 18 Aug 2006 07:36:40 , Odd Skancke <ozk@atari.org> wrote:
>> tor, 17,.08.2006 kl. 20.37 +0200, skrev Peter Slegg:
>>> Hi Guys,
>>> It's been very quiet on the Mint list recently, is there
>>> anything much happening ?
>>  Things are happening, altho at a slower pace than ..hmm... normal? At
>> least I know I am doing something, but its gonna take some time :)
> As a learning exercise I was compiling gcal and tried to make
> an rpm of it with a lot of help from Keith Scroggins but
> couldn't get it to build the package properly.
> I've not had another go for a while.

I am working on a /dev/speech for MiNT.

Lonny Pursell    http://www.bright.net/~gfabasic/