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Re: [MiNT] glibc for m68k/mint?


born from the beginning... what was the reason to not use/port glibc from
linux/unix world?

You need to move all of the ATARI compatibility stuff from mintlib to glibc. Thus is much easier to move the things you like to have in mintlib from glibc to mintlib ...

Or you loose the ability to run gcc compiled programs under TOS / MagiC at all. At the moment you can use the gcc to develop programs for TOS / MagiC too (if you keep some points in mind). You also need to modify all existing AES programs, that use the gcc, I'm sure.

From my point of view it seems a large parts were written
from scratch by former mint/mintlib maintainers and I see no reason for

That's not true. Mostly all of the newer things are taken from glibc (and eventually adapted for the ATARI environment).

I ask because "our" libc development seems to be a little inactive

Is there anything that you are missing? At the moment the mintlib is very stable and compatible enough for mostly alÃl unix programs (for the libc dependency).


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