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[MiNT] ?long long long? is too long for GCC in stdlib.h


I'm currently trying compil GCC 4.2 snapshot and binutils snapshot too with V4e
support. All is now compil and looks work (except LD but it is not my problem
here). So I try to compil some of my sources code with last mintlib and I have
big problem with stdlib.h

for example:
extern long long int strtoq (__const char* __nptr, char** _endptr,
                                        int __base) __THROW;
GCC complain with this message
/home/olivier/crossgcc/mintlib-0.57.6/usr/include/stdlib.h:103: erreur: ?long
long long? is too long for GCC

extern long nrand48 (unsigned short int __xsubi[3]) __THROW;
/home/olivier/crossgcc/mintlib-0.57.6/usr/include/stdlib.h:132: erreur: both
?long? and ?short? in declaration specifiers

As you can see for example long int = long long for it in classical C
long int = long the int is optionnal only. Should I update stdlib.h or should I
use a specific option for backward compatibility?