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Re: [MiNT] [Fwd: Re: Keyboard mapping on Milan with mint 1.16.2]

Hi Ingo,
Ok, then I have a few questions:
Has this always been like that? I can't imagine.
To be honest, I'm not sure I think it was okay when I got the Milan from you and I really can't remember when it went wrong ... (very helpfull, I know)
Did you change to a newer MiNT lately? If yes, where did you download?
I have two Mint installations on the Milan: 1x 1.15.x (EasyMint) and one 1.16.2 (which I normally use). I installed the 1.15 one day since I had the feeling that the Milan was fairly unstable but the behavior did not change so I went on with the 1.16.2 installation. This one was created from the sources and complied on the Milan (This was when I still remembered your instructions how to do that ... a long, long time ago ;-)
Can we download an archive to maybe reproduce this?
I don't thin it makes sense to send you my current kernel. I thing the better way to go is to compile a new and current kernel from the sources and go on from there.

So would you mind explaining me (once again) how to get a new kernel?
Are you dead sure you don't have some *.tbl file lurking in some place?
I really checked ALL my mint folders inlcuding subdirectories for a *tbl file now and there is no. Also I did a "find / -name *.tbl" which did not bring something usefull back. So I'm quite sure ther is no *.tbl.
Please notice that with current MiNT setups, there may be more than
just one MiNT folder. MiNT now looks in subdirectories of the the MiNT
folder in order to support easy switching between different MiNT
I did not know that - so good information for me ... but not the problem here I think.
I really can't see why it would fail otherwise. I just did a test:
I changed the keyboard settings via MSETUP to US and rebooted -> US
keyboard layout.
Then I changed back to German, rebooted -> German layout.

So this should really just work...
I see. May be it's a good idea to start a new installation from scratch to systematically test everything. Would make sense to me since I tought over using a larger hard disk anyway.

Thanks for your suggestions and greetings

Martin WW