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Re: [MiNT] compiling mint fails on Milan

Hello Frank,

I did not do this for quite a long time (more than a year). So maybe there are changes requied to my setup in order to get compliation running again.

Yes, your installed mintlib is out of date. Please update to the current version of the mintlib. It's available on the Sparemint site. Just ask if you have questions how to update with rpm.
Thanks for this hint. I did not know which package to upgrade so I did it for all four.

Compiling works now. Great!

As a result I get a mintmil.prg which is 1.7MB large compared to 330k of my old kernel. Is there some debug stuff included when I do "make mil"? Do i need to do some "clean up" on the mintmil.prg?

Greetings Martin WW