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[MiNT] SV: Redirecting stdio using Fforce/Fdup

> From: Olivier Landemarre [olivier.landemarre@utbm.fr]
> Sent: 2007-10-29 14:20:07 CET
> I have this somewhere at home! This is the most patch function I never 
> write (that's wan't to said source code is not very beautifull to see 
> and I never wan't clean it because I was afraid that after it doesn't 
> work!) but it work on Mint, Magic (with very small change beetween Mint 
> and Magic link to Pexec() if I remember) and TOS. It not use pipe 
> because I have sometime crash never fixed. I use it in gccshell. I can 
> look tonight to send you this.

Thanks, that would be very helpful!

Jo Even