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[MiNT] SV: Redirecting stdio using Fforce/Fdup

> From: Frank Naumann [fnaumann@boerde.de]
> Sent: 2007-10-29 14:17:58 CET
> Btw. I looked into the ATARI Compendium, both calls are documented there.

Yes, but there are no programming examples. Also, there are contradicting information on whether the redirected files are closed when the child exits or not.

> If you use the MiNTLib you can easily use dup or dup2 (following the UNIX 
> documentation).

I'm not using MiNTLib for this project, I'm using PureC and find that MiNTlib adds too much size for these small programs. Anyway, I've followed your suggestion and read the man-pages for dup and dup2. It seems that Fdup and Fforce does about the same, so I guess I can use these.

Jo Even