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[MiNT] DHCP versus static IP - recommendations/suggestions sought

I recently got a wireless broadband connection and am setting up a "proper" 
home network.  There will be 2-3 MintNet systems and 2-3 PCs.  The connection 
to the wireless modem is via ethernet, so I have a router (D-Link DI-604) which 
provides a firewall, NAT, DHCP server etc.  Because the router is on all the 
time and contains a DHCP server I was originally planning to use dynamic IP, 
using dhclient on the MintNet systems.  However, that seems to complicate 
things because the mapping of computer names to IP addresses (obviously) 
changes, so accessing another system for e.g. file sharing does not seem 

In order to map names to IP addresses within the local net, I think I need a 
NBNS (aka WINS) server, which isn't provided by the router.  I think I could 
use nmbd from the samba distibution, but I don't want to have to install samba 
(I plan to use sharity-light) and in any case I don't want to have any 
particular system powered on just to act as a name server.

So I think I should be using static IP along with the HOSTS/LMHOSTS files on 
each system.  Does this make sense?

Roger Burrows