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[MiNT] SV: Mintnet tests

> From: Peter Slegg [p.slegg@scubadivers.co.uk]
> Sent: 2007-10-24 20:32:12 CEST
> However, I then tried using ftp from bash to put a file onto
> a server and it hangs up. The file on the server is 2469 bytes.
> This means that the problem cannot be GlueStik as I doubt
> that ftp uses it.
> I am writing this from the old Mint 1-15 set-up and I just
> tried the same ftp experiment:

You say "old Mint 1.15 *set-up*" - do you mean that when you switch between 1.15 and 1.16 you actually switch between two completely different environments and not just the kernels? If so, it's a bit hard to tell where the problem is. Try using the ftp-binary from your 1.15 set-up under 1.16 and vice versa, You should also try starting your new EasyMiNT setup with your 1.15 kernel.

There is no reason why your fresh install shouldn't work though. I installed EasyMiNT myself this spring/summer, and had absolutely no problems. In fact, I got rid of some problems that had partially crippled my Milan for years when I updated.

Jo Even