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Re: [MiNT] gcc 4.2.2 native

Alan Hourihane a écrit :
> I've managed to compile gcc 4.2.2 for the native host on my Linux PC.

Excellent ! That's a really good news !
Did you face some specific problems ? Was additional patching needed ?

> So, the next step was to build binutils 2.18. I can see that this
> doesn't have all the patches from the previous binutils.
> So they'll need adding. I've stopped at this point, as I suspect Vincent
> will get this done pretty soon anyway.

The native binutils 2.18 for MiNT, as well as some other native software, have been available on my site for some monthes.
As usual, the build scripts are provided.

I used as and ld to assemble a Hello World with Steem and the TOS 1.62, it worked perfectly !

You said that some patches are missing ? What ?
There has been a lot of cleanup in the official sources, so now there are fewer files to patch in order to support our favorite platform.

Once again, bravo !