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Re: [MiNT] Editor idea

On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 16:41 +0000, p.slegg@scubadivers.co.uk wrote:
> I have had an idea for an enhancement to an editor that might be
> useful. Maybe there is an editor that does this all ready, it's not
> a new idea but might be simple to implement.
> What I thought was this.
> 1. User opens a file for editing with the editor in "version control mode".
> 2. File is edited.
> 3. When the user tries to save the file the Editor looks for a folder called
>    "orig" and creates it if necessary.
> 4. Editor looks in orig for a copy of the file being edited.
> 5. If the file does not exist then the original file is moved into the orig
>    folder so that the amended file does not overwrite it.
> 6. New version of file is saved.
> By doing this, the original source code would be kept while the user does
> many edits on a file.
> Would this have an affect on using "make" ? Would it try to "make" everything in
> the orig folder ? If so, could the folder be hidden ?  (.orig ?)
> The next obvious step would be to get the editor to "diff" the original and
> the edited file to highlight where lines have been inserted and deleted. It
> could allow the user to quickly compare their changes to the original and
> even allow the user to rollback individual line changes.

This is the whole reason for svn, cvs and git (and many many more). They
are version control tools.