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Re: [MiNT] Editor idea

p.slegg@scubadivers.co.uk wrote:
I have had an idea for an enhancement to an editor that might be
useful. Maybe there is an editor that does this all ready, it's not
a new idea but might be simple to implement.

What I thought was this.

1. User opens a file for editing with the editor in "version control mode".
2. File is edited.
3. When the user tries to save the file the Editor looks for a folder called
   "orig" and creates it if necessary.
4. Editor looks in orig for a copy of the file being edited.
5. If the file does not exist then the original file is moved into the orig
   folder so that the amended file does not overwrite it.
6. New version of file is saved.

By doing this, the original source code would be kept while the user does
many edits on a file.

Would this have an affect on using "make" ? Would it try to "make" everything in
the orig folder ? If so, could the folder be hidden ?  (.orig ?)

The next obvious step would be to get the editor to "diff" the original and
the edited file to highlight where lines have been inserted and deleted. It
could allow the user to quickly compare their changes to the original and
even allow the user to rollback individual line changes.

How about this?

You want to protect the original file: Make it read_only

The editor, detecting you want to edit a resd_only file, changes
to 'diff' mode. It stores all changes internally in a diff file.
What you see on the screen is a classic collate of original and
diff. When you save, only diff file is written.

I have worked on a mainframe compiling system this way.
The compiler was able to process original plus diff when requested.
It was called "spot amendments".

I have considered to implement this in AHCC, but havnt found
enough time and patience thus far, although AHCC(and AHCX) already
use a internal diff file and collate process for its undo.

Groeten; Regards.
Henk Robbers. http://members.chello.nl/h.robbers
Interactive disassembler:     TT-Digger;  http://digger.atari.org
A Home Cooked teXt editor:    AHCX