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[MiNT] GCC 4.3.0 available


The cross-compiler GCC 4.3.0 for MiNT is available.
The Cygwin binaries are available at the usual place:

The Quake bug has been fixed in that release (-fomit-frame-pointer can be safely used with -O2) The cout bug is still here. It is very hard to track down, I still wasn't able to reproduce it with a simple testcase.

Starting with GCC 4.3.0, when the executable m68k-atari-mint-gcc is not located at its standard place (as determined by --prefix) it has trouble to find additional executables, includes and libraries. So I needed to hack the build scripts of the MiNTLib and PML a little more (because GCC is not fully installed when building them).

Note that in this version, the 68000 libraries of GCC itself are located in a m68000 subdir, rather than at the root of the lib dir. It is probably the result of a misconfiguration of multilib (made by me). I left it "as is" in that build, because it works fine, and maybe it would be a good idea to always use that convention for avoiding mixing incompatible libraries.

GCC 4.3 is a bit harder to compile than its predecessors. It requires 2 external libraries: GMP and MPFR. The Cygwin binaries are available on my site.

Anyway, I didn't notice much improvements in that new major version.
A lot of Coldfire stuff has been included, it may be useful for us if some new Coldfire project arises.

Enjoy !

Vincent Rivière