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Re: [MiNT] Pilot link

Hi all,

I gave up on the Bluetooth interface to my Treo 680 and bought
a serial cable from PCables. I am now able to Hotsync using the
version of pilot-link that I built :-)

   ¦ (c) Copyright 1996-2006, pilot-link team   ¦
   ¦   Join the pilot-link lists to help out.   ¦
   This is pilot-xfer, from pilot-link version 0.12.3

   Build target..: m68k-atari-mint
   Build date....: Mar 14 2008 21:23:48

   pilot-link 0.12.3 is covered under the GPL/LGPL

It even works with JPilot.

I haven't managed to download any photos but that may be
because there isn't a download app for the 680.