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[MiNT] OpenSSL 0.9.8h and OpenSSH 5.0p1 for MiNT (For the brave...)

I've built both packages (tgz files that will overwrite the RPMs you might have installed). OpenSSL was built with the cross compiler (4.3.0, finished just before Vincent released 4.3.1), and OpenSSH was built natively on my Falcon with GCC 4.2.3. Had some brief testing, and it worked, will need to disable priviledge separation in the config if using sshd for incoming connections (ssh out and also ssh in with putty). OpenSSL needed minimal patches BUT I was unable to build it natively, so far, crazy undefined reference errors... If I was able to, I would have built RPMs, maybe later, unless someone else wants to... :)

Figured I would share before these were lost and forgotten.