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Re: [MiNT] Some comments on gcc 4.3.2

Le Sat, 4 Oct 2008 20:38:54 +0200
"Miro Kropacek" <miro.kropacek@gmail.com> a _crit:

> - performance: I measured quake compilation on real CT60@70 MHz machine with
> -O3 -m68020-60:
> gcc 2.95 (68000 version): 7:30 minutes
> gcc 4.2.3 (68000 version): 21 minutes
> gcc 4.3.2 (68000 version): 23:40 minutes
> gcc 4.3.2 (68020-60 version): 22:20 minutes
> As you can see, there's deep difference between 2.x and 4.x range... even
> 68000 vs 68020 isn't anything important, all of them are damn slow...
> practically, on anything other than cross compiler I really wouldn't want to
> see my daily development under 4.x gcc...

Mikro, do you see a difference in the generated code size (both .o
files, and the final binary) ? Currently, with cross-compiler, I see
something like +10/15% in generated code size between gcc 3.x and 4.x,
for the same optimisation settings (-O2 -m68020 when I compiled Doom for example).

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