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[MiNT] SV: OT Highwire

> From: Mark Duckworth [mduckworth@atari-source.org]
> Sent: 2008-11-12 18:56:11 CET
> To: Rob Mahlert [rmahlert@charter.net]
> I think what we really need is ways to get our machines to be higher 
> resolution (new video cards, CTPCI, with 3d support), 3d api developed 
> and a modern desktop developed.  It would really make the machines feel 
> a lot better.  It always made me sad that the macs had such great high 

All this stuff really doesn't matter as long as we don't even have a decent e-mail app for GEM. IMHO we need applications more than new OS features, and in order to be able to develop applications we need better development tools which allows faster and easier development of GEM apps.

Jo Even