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[MiNT] GDB 5.1 and remote debugging


SpareMiNT provides GDB 5.0, the GNU debugger.
I have ported the patches to GDB 5.1 (old, but similar).
This release is experimental, buggy, but can be seen as a proof of concept.

I enabled 2 cool features :

- Remote debugging
It is now possible to run a process on MiNT (maybe ARAnyM) and run the debugger on another machine running Cygwin (or Linux). Run gdbserver on the MiNT side and m68k-atari-mint-gdb on the Cygwin side. Moreover, you can use any GDB frontend on Cygwin, including ddd for graphical debugging !

- Text UI.
Run gdb with the --tui option, and you will get a fullscreen source debugger. However, it is quite unusable in TosWin, because the display is incredibly slow, and suffers of graphical bugs. However, Text UI works fine when gdb is run as a remote debugger.

All that stuff is available at the usual place:
See the GDB section for a detailed HOWTO and current issues.

Enjoy !

PS: Now I have better knowledge about gdb, I may try to port the latest gdb 6.8... But not soon, because I'm quite busy for the moment.

Vincent Rivière