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[MiNT] NFS server

--EasyMinT 1.70, nfs-server-2.2beta47-2

once again i tried to install a NFS between my beloved Falcon/CT60 with MinT/XaAES/TeraDesk as
NFS-server, an Ubuntu-Linux PC and my No.2-Falcon as clients. Connection established, the 'shared'
directory (see /etc/exports below) is displayed correct with 'showmount -e <falcon-ip>' on both
clients, but there are two problems when copying files:
-ID-mapping (squashing):
 If i copy a file from PC -> Server, the group-ID is mapped correct to '500' but the user-ID is
 set to '0' (root) instead of '301' (see /etc/exports). When copying files from No.2-Falcon -> Server,
 both UID and GID are mapped correct!!? Perhaps the server don't know about UIDs >= 1000 (on PC i'm
 logged in as a 'normal user', UID=1000 GID=1000; not as 'root', so option 'no_root_squash' isn't
 useful here).
-Copying large files:
 There's no problem with 'downloading' large files from server to both clients, but when i try to
 copy a large file from any client to server, copy-operation aborts after ~10-20 seconds (no matter
 if copying was started on desktop or in bash; bash reports 'write failure'). I tried different
 values for 'rsize' and 'wsize' in /etc/fstab on PC (and for the fourth entry in /etc/fstab on
 No.2-Falcon) with always same result.

What's going wrong here? Did i make a mistake? What are the best settings for 'rsize' and 'wsize'?
Please help!!

# /etc/exports on Falcon/CT60
# for PC:
# and for No.2-Falcon:

# /etc/fstab on Ubuntu PC
#  /home/schatznfs  nfs  rw,user,noauto,nosuid,rsize=1024,wsize=1024  0  0

# /etc/fstab on No.2-Falcon
#  /home/schatznfs  nfs  1024  10