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Re: [MiNT] NFS server

Hi again,

>> I found out more:
>> there seems to be a 'magical filesize barrier' when copying files to server (Falcon CT60/MinT)-
>> from No.2-Falcon to server, maximum filesize is 1360 bytes, one byte more and the copyaction aborts.
>> From Linux-PC to server, max. filesize is  somewhere between 27000 bytes and 28000 bytes,
>> copyaction aborts with 'Input/output error' in bash.
>> Sometimes the size of the file which is (partly) saved on server now is correct, but the file
>> is not readable (or only shows empty bytes when opened with qed); sometimes the filesize is only a
>> multiple of 1024 (most 8192).
>> I hope we can sort this out.

A small step forward: Now copying from No.2-Falcon to Server-Falcon works good
with any filesize, i use this mount-options on client Falcon:
'mount_nfs -v -o rw,rsize=1024,wsize=1024,retrans=10 schatz:/test /nfs/schatz'
It seems that 'retrans' must be set (not default).
>From PC client, it's still the same problem, perhaps somebody can help me interpreting a tcpdump-
debug file...?

> This sounds similar to a problem I had with Mint 1.16 that didn't occur with
> 1.15.12
> Whenever I sent an email biiger than a certain size it would terminate
> without sending the entire email. Smaller ones worked fine.
> I eventually found a "fix" by altering the MTU size.

Yes, i thought about that, too. Tested MTU 1492 and 1500 (on all 3 computers),
but there seems to be no difference. MTU setting is somehow not included in
/etc/sysconfig/config.if, so i edited in /etc/sysconfig/config.if and
/etc/rc.d/rc.net an additional variable 'maxtu'.
Seems like EasyMinT is not such easy at all ;-)

What about this 'metric' option? It's not supported yet with MinT (man ifconfig)
and is set to '0', but on LinuxPC it's set to '1'. What does this setting mean?

> It should be in the FreeMint mail archive.

Ah yes, but how can i find this thread (without downloading all the archives)??