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[MiNT] NFS server

i tested several settings for MTU now with always the same results:
-Linux-PC as Server, Falcon(s) as Client(s):
 Everything (File up/downloading, ID-mapping) works correct.
-Falcon/CT60 as Server, Falcon as Client:
 Everything works correct, too.

-Falcon/CT60 as Server, Linux-PC as Client:
 Uploading of larger files to server is VERY slow or aborts.
 GID of uploaded files is mapped correct, UID is always set to 0 (root).
 Downloading from Server works good.

So this seems to be a compatibility-problem with MinT-server and Ubuntu-client,
more than a mtu-problem. So perhaps MinT NFS server needs an update, too.

One more:
-findutils/updatedb: How can i exclude drive A:\ and P:\ and perhaps some
 folders from the updatedb-scan? I tried "updatedb --prunepaths='/a /p' ",
 "updatedb --prunefs='a p' " and some other variations of path-syntax.
 Did i make a mistake? What's the correct input syntax here?

Thanks for your help,